The Limps

Bass – Chuck
Drums – Terry Clark / Dee Dee
Guitar, Vocals – Andy Semple
vocals – Tam

An early punk band from over the Scottish Border in Annan. I had seen them play once in Carlisle possibly at the Bits Park punk gig or Micks…somewhere else! I remember the leather jackets, and in those early days leather was not the fashion of the day. I liked their music ( and still do),  I found some up-to-date material on the web I have included below.

Many thanks to Scog (Nick Scott) for this photo of the Limps playing The King¡s Hall, Carlisle.
scog limps kings hall

This is from the web site “The Limps are a Punk Rock band from Annan, UK that were signed to the Matchbox Classics independent record label based in Carlisle. The band was comprised of Chuck, Andy,Tam and Dee Dee. They formed Matchbox Classics with the band ‘No Support’ when each member of both bands put £50 in each to fund the creation of a split EP entitled ‘Opposite Sides’ in 1979, the same year they also released another split with ‘No Support’ called ‘Another Matchbox Classic”. In 2012 Combo Zombo reformed and played a gig dubbed ‘Match Box Classics Night’ at the Club Victoria in Carlisle along side ‘The Limps'”.

“So Nice” was written by Andy Semple and is on the “8 from 80” Carlisle compilation on Matchbox Classics. (click to see other recordings)

They did a collaboration with another Carlisle band called “No Support”, titled “Another Matchbox Classic” (1979) with one-side being from The Limps and the other side from No Support.


the track list for this record is:

The Limps – Someone I Can Talk To
The Limps – Unreal
No Support – Fallen Hero
No Support – Spare Parts
No Support – Sub-Human Species

A track from that collaboration is “Someone I can talk to” recorded in 1979. This video is from the John Peel programme, and has photos of the band.

Another collaboration between the 2 groups was in 1979 with the title “Opposite Sides” a 7 inch EP
no support limps

the tracks were:

The Limps – High Fashion
The Limps – Circa 2
No Support – Because
No Support – Subway

limps record

a YouTube recording of “Circa 2”

and “High Fashion”

I tracked these videos down from a YouTube site from the “Solwaydooker” (possibily Andy’s site), the recordings are from The Limps, nice to see they are still active. The first is a reunion of the Limps, doing their song “High Fashion”.

the next video is an acoustic version of “Someone I Can Talk to”

I contacted the “Solwaydooker” for more info and tales from those days, I hope he gets in contact?


9 thoughts on “The Limps”

    1. Hi Andy! How are you? We worked together for a while at the dole office in Carlisle and we moved in the same circles for a while! Wendy Haxton as I was then!


      1. Hi Wendy. I remember you well on both counts! At least we are still here. I call that a success..hope all is well with you.


        1. Great thanks Andy! No relationship, 2 children, 2 grandkids, still in Carlisle, semi – retired enjoying life – how about you? Do you still keep in touch with anyone from back in the day?


          1. Great you have grandkids! My two lads are still living the blissful single life..yes I’m still in touch with my old punk chum Chuck and a few others. I took early release from DWP in 2015 and am working for Mace. Better to burn out than to fade away!


            1. Exactly Andy! Are you still in Annan and are any other members of the band still there? My daughter married into a family from Annan – the Aitchisons – I think Grandad has an insurance business. I know the feeling about work – I was teaching full time and decided I wanted a life again! I’m lucky because I work 1 sometimes 2 days a week at a school in Dalston and that suits me fine ! No work from home anymore and I have my weekends free to go out. The Old Fire Station in Carlisle are putting on some really good bands at the moment – do you ever get there?


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