Social Scum

Peter Ostell/Ozzy – drums
Kenyon – bass
Tony Styles – guitar
Wigy – Vocals

Social Scum in my mind was a rival to D.O.S. I am not sure if that it is fair to say that now, but in those days it seemed to be so. I do not think I heard them play, although they shared the same rehearsal space as ‘Societies Victims’ in the basement of The Wheel. We never met, it seemed we kept out of each others way!

The fan base was divided, with a following for either Social Scum or for DOS. A lot of it passed me by, but you would hear stories of this or that gig ending in fights.

I can’t find any recordings or photos, but it is fair to say that Social Scum was a fixture of the Carlisle punk scene. Not sure of any song they sang either?

When Societies Victims’s equipment went ‘missing’ Social Scum was blamed. But it is nice to know years later that it was not them and the gossip was false:

Peter Ostell writes: “I was in the band “Social Scum” in 81/82 (Ozzy-drums) along with (Kenyon-base) & the late (Anthony Styles-aka-Gene) also Wigy for a bit. Practiced in the cellar of the Wheel. Managed to play a few gigs…Star & Stripes, The Wheel, Denton Holme & Annan (always seemed to end up in a scrap or the toilets being smashed up, so always ended up paying for some repair!!). Ended up getting our Amps & Mics stolen from the Wheel practice room, soon after that Gene left & the band eventually folded!!”

Jimmy Johnston kindly sent a ticket from one of Social Scum’s gigs.
social scum

I would value people input on this band as not much is known about them.

David Bell writes, “re Social Scum Peter Ostell is Ozzy on the drums, i saw them at Morley street Denton holme and have a vague memory of dos playing the same gig i could be wrong though, the gig at Annan was supposed to be headlined by the Violators who didn’t turn up Social Scum played and so did Distortion, Mike Kenyon will probably remember more i’ll ask him next time i see him”.
Trots replies, “i wonder if the band you saw with Social Scum was Societies Victims? the band i played in with scog and kev bradly, martin hewitt, we did 2 gigs at Morley street, and there must have been another band playing with us”.