As I have been writing this blog I have come across band members/friends who have pass-away. From my friends/acquaintances in Carlisle it is surprising how many I know who have died, it is scary really. Within this blog I have tried to mention the people in their allotted “pages”, but recently I had a shock with the passing of Duncan Todhunter, a former drummer of Autonomy/The Afterbirths, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Havana Affair not to mention The Beguiled and other bands, I also do not know about his other bands after he moved to Leeds to live? This event saddened me greatly because at the time I was editing the videos of the rehearsal of Havana Affair, just before our Pagoda gig. Also by editing the mp3s and videos of this band I relived those moments, by seeing these videos and listening to these mp3s memories and feelings came back to me, like they have been dormant for many years, were alive again like the present. I include these memories as part of the blog, it is not just a visit to the past but part of a present “ethnography” the past becomes the present again.

There is an old Pagan/Celtic/Irish slogan which says “if you speak their name they live again” and I think it is true. So I created a new page to mention the people who are no longer with us. I am sure you know more names than I can remember (?) and I would appreciate if you could either write them to me or write them on the “comments” below.

Duncan Todhunter, (January 18th, 2016). As I said above, a friend for many years, he was a character in his own right, a great laugh and an excellent drummer, a natural, self-taught. Died in Leeds in a car accident.

Tony Styles, a guitarist in D.O.S. and Masters of Middle Earth, he was also a drummer in Traffic Jam Free-way (I think?). Died in a house fire, Carlisle.

Robert Cumming, a good friend, a follower of lot of music, groups, local groups. He used to take the piss out of me something rotten before I went on stage as Business Controlled. He was learning to play guitar the last time I met him and he did me a recording of his playing which I still have and I mean to upload sometime soon.
Before Rob died he gave me a cassette of his guitar playing. He was just beginning to play, he did not know many chords but he was interested in rhythm! He said “I get lost in rhythm” (he had a great sense of rhythm, a great percussionist). Here is the recording of the cassette:

Marcus Noble, also called “Nobby”, a school friend from Trinity School, and fellow punk. We went to see The Angelic Upstarts together at Carlisle Market Hall, and a few other things. Died in Penrith, Suicide.

Lauty, I knew him only as Lauty, a friend of Roso. A singer in our band “Abuse”. Died by suicide, Carlisle.

Martin Hewitt, a school friend at Trinity and a singer in the band Societies Victims. Died of an illness, not sure of what?

Peter Mitchell, I met him right in the beginning while me and Dung where looking for a bass player. He came through on the train from Penrith with a top amp (but no speakers) for a practice! I heard he joined Masters of Middle Earth (after I had left). Died in a house fire, Carlisle.

pete mitchell
photo David Carruthers

Mike Porter, a Grebo, a biker, into all things Heavy Metal. Died in 1982, a bike accident near Thursby. I got to know him via the crowd at Crofton.

Michael Heaney “Ern writes, “Thought I should mention Psychosis from Whitehaven, Michael Heaney R I.P. Sure they supported the other Frenzy 1987 the Stars and Stripes . All I can find on them is Johnny Remember me on YouTube. Gone but not forgotten.”

Gilly – Raffles Punk…

Micky Timmings – Singer in the Carlisle punk band “Skidmarx”.

Martin Neill – Mike Convery writes, “Yeah Martin was influenced by The Clash and Bob Marley, he was a beautiful person who saw the bigger picture of the all injustice in the world. Martin wrote all the songs but he got cancer”.

Joseph Nyczaj – who is mentioned on the “John’s Masters of middle earth” page on this site. I think he must have died in late ’86 or thereabouts… I was in a covers band with him at the time. A lovely guy, he was killed in a motorbike accident, riding home after working his shift at the Little Chef near Gretna.

Gideon Cheney – from Longtown, remembered by Thomas Greenough

sidNigel Holmes says in his FB page: “I received some sad news last night that a friend (singer of the punk band D.O.S.) who I spent some of the happiest (and eventful) times of my life with, has died, Hope you are happy, wherever you are Sid Suitor……R.I.P”

I don’t know what he died from?


6 thoughts on “R.I.P.”

  1. Psychosis were from Workington not Whitehaven. They were a 3 piece line up consisting of Mike Heaney (guitar and vocals), David McKeown (Bass) and James “Jinx” Casey (drums). They played a rockabilly style, as Mike was heavily influenced by King Kurt, The Meteors and Guana Batz. Their 10 track cassette release included a fantastic cover version of Val Doonican’s (really !!) song Walk Tall.


  2. Also Joseph Nyczaj, who is mentioned on the “John’s Masters of middle earth” page on this site. I think he must have died in late ’86 or thereabouts… I was in a covers band with him at the time. A lovely guy, he was killed in a motorbike accident, riding home after working his shift at the Little Chef near Gretna.


  3. I knew Dunc when I roadied fot the band ‘Fleshengine’ he was in with Germs Hockridge & the McDougal brothers & Gareth Williams. I also found out he was previously in a band I saw a couple of times called Milque. But of course that was before I knew him. He died in a gas explosion in a house he was house sitting for. Very sad.


    1. I knew Gideon Cheney from Longtown (Git) we were penpals went to see Exploited at the Guild Hall Newcastle early 80s he was a fun guy.


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