Unclassified Play Lists

Music that does not fit into any of the above categories are added here into a “playlist”:

Ambient music
Pod and I have dabbled in ambient music over the years. I have recently started messing around with software programmes and creating sounds. Some of these experiments are only that – experiments. I have been trying to get to grips with Adobe Audition and Audiomulch and some of these recordings reflect the tutorials and experiments.
Other recordings have been with Pod and working on some ambient music using his Wasp.
These recordings are using Audiomulch, it is work in progress, and over 3 nights I slowly built up a soundscape using the Oscillator Keyboard device.
The first is the keyboard played solo, then the next track is using other ideas to over-lay and multi-track on top of each idea. The process can be read in the “blog” section.

Most of the recordings are grouped in their separate “Albums” in their “pages” but there will always be a few stragglers so I put them into a “play list” and I will be adding to them as I record them.
This play list is of songs using electric/amplification

These songs will be using acoustic instruments

Radio Shows
An on-line radio programme done by Sean Duval-Todhunter mentioning the blog and Carlisle bands.

Pod gave me a CD years ago, something like “The Best Of Nightmares in A Damaged Brain” so I thought I upload it anyways:


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