I have uploaded all the mp3 for this Blog to audiomack as they have an easy embed code for wordpress. You can view all the recordings here by clicking here.

All videos for this blog can be seen on Vimeo, click here.

Here are some links to various pages that are connected to Carlisle, Cumbria and Punk:

This a page listing bands in Carlisle/Cumbria with web links to hear the music, called “RIP Bands in Cumbria & South West Scotland

Pod sent a link on demo cassettes
as usual he came up with the result, Contamination Cassette of punk in Cumbria

Punk lives Magazine

Punks Not Dead Magazine

Christmas on Earth Festival, 1981
Christmas on Earth

Angelic Upstarts’s Carlisle Set List

Carlisle Punk band (facebook page) Distortion
The Exiles
The exiles video “Skurt Krazy

We Supported the Subhumans at Stars and Stripes: info

A facebook page for bands around Penrith (Cumbria) Penrith Bands
A link to “Linden Sound Studios” in Penrith, a list of their record releases Linden-Sounds

the life of the singer out of Aftermath who died.
He was also in the band “Derek Batey’s Jacket” from Penrith

General Punk blog mentioning A Touch of Hysteria kill your pet puppy

Facebook page Punk Rock In Carlisle

Facebook page  Carlisle-Live-Music-Scene-circa-1977-to-1990

Cumbrian bands of the 60s fenderstrat

The Vulcans, band info youtube documentry
Chumbawamba live at the Vrankrijk, Amsterdam Chumbawamba Vrankrijk Squatthe 1987

Punk info website Bored Teenagers

A web site about groups such as “Crass” (Punk

A site suggesting 10 best documentaries about Punk

A site for demo cassettes/tapes of bands in their early stages of forming.

The video “Street Punk

A video about Muslim Punks , and another interesting film on the same topic is the feature film Taqwacore
an article on Punks in Tunisia
a film about (heavy Metal) music in Iraq, ok not punk, but surely they have more difficult obstacles to climb than us.

A video about women in the Punk scene is “She’s a Punk Rocker” and another looking at the all women band The Slits


One thought on “Links”

  1. If anyone knows an email address for Chris Robson, I’d love to get in touch with him. My name is John Smart – I worked with him in Carlisle from 1975-76 & his family put me up for 12 months. We lost touch in the 80s but it would be great to contact him again. Can anyone help please?


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