Cumbrian Band “Chaos”

I got sent these tracks by John Kemp, in response to Ed Butlers mail, which I enclose here:
John writes:

Chaos were
Jav Turnbull (Vocals),
Eddie Brown (Gtr),
Brian Mounsey (Bass) & Duncan McDonald (Drums).
Later Frank Chapman was added as a 2nd Guitarist.

“Chaos from Aspatria. I rated these in my top 3 bands in 79/80 alongside the Clash and uk subs. Gave psycho faction their name from the punky reggae song whose lyrics were “man killed on the street, cos he doesn’t eat meat, cos he had a black face, cos he spoke to a nun”. Cover of somewhere over the rainbow was epic, tinged with threat and Menace. Come on and join in the chaos was just F F Fun.
Original line up was Jav vocals, fast Eddie guitar, Brian mousey bass and Duncan Drums. All were huge characters, friendly, funny & welcoming people. I went drinking with them before some gigs and just laughed all the time.
Fast Eddie left and was replaced by Frank Chapman of Whitehaven who is now in Hexed.
At one point they were preparing to go to London to further their career & Duncan may even have gone. Things get vague round here. The hunt for any recorded music by them went on for years. They were legendary. Some news filtered through about brushes with the law that, if true, makes me a bit sad that such great people were put out of circulation. If they had punk rock judges the lads would have been pardoned due to their phenomenal, powerful, original and truly epic music.

Some basic recordings eventually surfaced.

The gigs I remember – Chaos supported the UK Subs at Wigton in April 79. They played twice at Silloth with Blitz and the Black Crow’s Gazztops.
Chaos’s songs – Somewhere over the rainbow, Chaos ’79, Spyatree Life. They also done great covers of Public Image and Kill (Albert Y Los Trois Paranoias).
They used to practice at the back of the Brandraw pub in Aspatria.
Duncan later played for a band called the Doonicans (They released a record on Probe Plus). Eddie produced an album for Distortion in the 80’s.
There is another 4 track demo out there somewhere. Maybe someone in Aspatria might be able to shed some light on this.

The tracks by Chaos that John Kemp sent are here:


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