Sid (D.O.S.) R.I.P.

sidA few days ago I read the news of the death of Sid, the singer in the Carlisle band ‘D.O.S.’ (see ‘D.O.S. page’ for more details about the band).

Nigel Holmes says in his FB page: “I received some sad news last night that a friend (singer of the punk band D.O.S.) who I spent some of the happiest (and eventful) times of my life with, has died, Hope you are happy, wherever you are Sid Suitor……R.I.P”

I don’t know what he died from?

for those who knew him (and for those who did not) here are his songs, from the first D.O.S cassette:

R.I.P. Sid


“No Thrills” in concert

It has been ages since I was at a punk gig, I can’t even remember when it was? The other week I went to see 3 punk bands in Carlisle’s “Club Rock” (situated in Botchergate, Carlisle), but only one of the bands were local.

The experience was very similar to what I remember back in the 80s, (especially when my band played): few people in the audience, a crazy loud sound (ears ringing for the next 3 days), but a good vibe. I enjoyed the night, I met some people I had not seen in ages and I had a reason for being there: to document some music for this blog.

The local band was “No Thrills” from Penrith/Cumbria, a small town about 20 miles south of Carlisle (check out the “Penrith Bands” page in this blog for other music from Penrith). I had not heard them play before, but I enjoyed it.

Here is their video recorded with a ‘point and shoot’ camera… not high tech but so what. I will try and get to some more of the local bands over the next few months…try and do the same if you have a free evening.

David Bell puts on a lot of the local punk music events and it was great catching up with him that night.

There are some other videos of the band on youtube… here they are:

wishing “No Thrills” all the best