The Red Aligatorz

An update on the Red Aligatorz page: I recently met Swanny again after many years, the last time I saw him he was in London, now back in Carlisle he and I met up for a chat, good to see him once more. He is still playing guitar, banjo, and singing, but also he has taught himself boogie woogie piano, and does Rockabilly DJ’ing up and down the UK.

I found an old poster in the attic for an Aligatorz gig:

Picture 008

This Red Aligatorz poster is from 1985,  It was made by Swanny (since he did most, if not all, of the posters) and it was announcing a ‘pre-Christmas tour’ around north Cumbria, it reads:

Why don’t you try and catch… The Red Aligatorz, pre-Christmas tour at these venues:

18th Dec. Raffles Community Center (Wow) [Raffles is a district of Carlisle]

20th Dec. Salutation Pub, Penrith (ultra fantasic)

22nd Dec. Tudor Pub, Penrith (amazing)

some of the text says “If you’re hip you will make the trip (and we ain’t talk’n dope); get wild with a crodile smile”; and a reference to me under the Raffles gig “starring for 1 night only ‘Trotsky’, Russia’s answer to Elvis”

2 posters for The Red Aligatorz playing a gig…

red alig poster 2

I am not sure where or when the gigs were at…?

red alig poster

…but it looks like the gig was at a beer festival (no wonder I can not remember anything).

This photo came to light after being reunited (online) to Papa Joe, an American banjo player from the USA (claw-hammer style of playing). Swanny, Ellie and myself met Papa Joe in Amsterdam in the late 80s while we were busking there under the name of “The Lonesome Pump Attendants”. We all hung out together for a few weeks and played some music. A lovely man and a great banjo player who knew Pete Seeger in the 60s. Papa, when he played used to kick his legs out and dance around which added to the bizzar spectacle of our gigs. It is great to be in contact with Papa again who now lived in USA/Indiana.

Ellie, Me, Swanny (Photo Papa Joe)

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