Here are some more photos from Carlisle, many thanks to all those who sent them, keep them coming…get in your attic!

The majority of these photos were from Sheena Robertson’s Facebook Page, they are from various Carlisle nightclubs. I can guess some of the names, but I prefer to leave the captions blank, as I am not totally sure! Sean Todhunter has also “touched them up a bit”. The ones without the photographers name are from Sheena. Many thanks Sheena Robertson.

There are some other photos included, many thanks also to Carol Cummings, Mike Convery, Dave Bell and Jimmy Johnstone, I have included the text that was sent to me.

For me, looking at these photos, what hits me between the eyes is the styles and fashions: the colours, and inventiveness of the hairstyles and clothes…brilliant.

All will be added to the main page:

dave bell.jpg2
Dave Bell (photo: Dave Bell)
dave bell
photo: Dave Bell
Whitehouse Blue, Stars and Stripes
“Cumbo” Robert Cummings, (photo: Carol Cummings)
Pod, ? ?
” Grebo writes, “Kieth Banks took the one of me with my hand in my zipper with Paddy and Deb”.
Duncan Todhunter
Claire Mallinson with Duncan Todhunter
Erny with Kitten
Ploppy, Erny, ? At Stars and Stripes

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Velt, 1980 (photo Mike Convery)
velt 1980
Velt, 1980 (photo Mike Convery)
Mike Convery promoter, XS Records CEO and Carlisle's answer to Bernie Rhodes
Mike Convery promoter, XS Records CEO and Carlisle’s answer to Bernie Rhodes (photo Mike Convery)
Telf, Wiggie, Dougie & Ozzy
Telf, Wiggie, Dougie & Ozzy (photo Jimmy Johnston)
Stuart Firth of Traffic Jam Freeway and Noosh at the Psychedelic Furs Newcastle Mayfair 1981.
Stuart Firth of Traffic Jam Freeway and Noosh at the Psychedelic Furs Newcastle Mayfair 1981 (photo Mike Convery)

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2 thoughts on “Punks”

  1. First pic was taken platform 1. ….82.The rest various yrs in stars n stripes…….The last pic was Aftermath,from penrith taken in Annan 82


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