Sean’s Radio Frequency

I have edited and uploaded Sean Todhunter’s radio show “Radio Frequency”. The 3 programmes features various music from Carlisle punk bands, with Sean’s eloquence as always!
The first programme lasts about 45 minutes and features bands such as The Exiles, Cold Angels, Havana Affair and the Beguiled.
The 2nd programme features tracks from D.O.S.’s 2nd demo recording “This Is D.O.S.”.
The 3rd programme is an introduction to the music scene in Carlisle, it lasts about 40 minutes.

Sean was not know for being in the bands, but he was a very brief member of “Nightmares in a Damaged Brain” who appeared for 1 night at Stars and Stripes to sing on a Damned song we were performing. He walked on stage with a turnip underneath his arm, he placed it on the stage floor and produced a machete, where he began to slice and chop the vegetable into tiny pieces. We did not know what was happening but carried on regardless.

Sean and I lost contact for many years but recently (via FB) I have gotten to know him again and his weekly radio programmes featuring music from a wide collection of genres, but all of which have meant something to various sub-cultures.

You can check out his full radio shows here:


Author: ethnopiper

A Ethnomusicologist and musician of traditional music, Small pipe maker, teacher and workshop presenter ...

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