Havana Affair’s Last Gig

I found these video recordings recently of the last gig done by the Carlisle punk group “Havana Affair”. I got the video of Johnny I think or was it Pod? I can´t remember, but I had it saved on a CD and just the other day found it.

Havana Affair was a continuation of the band “Nightmares in a Damaged Brain” (see pages for more details/mp3s) and did several gigs around Carlisle in 1985-86, then we split. The members of the band were:
Pod – vocals
Duncan Todhunter – drums
Chris – rhythm guitar
Johnny – bass
Trotsky – lead guitar

The entry from the blog page:
The Last Ride of the Wild Bunch Recording
wild bunch gigWe had just been informed (by Johnny) that the band was to split, we had a gig booked at Stars and Stripes in the week, so this was to be out final performance. The video was recorded by Smoo on the night (you can hear his laughing).
The sound quality is not good as the camera was beside the speakers, but you can get an idea.
I think it is a true representation of what we were like on stage. But there is an element of play due to it being the last concert.

A Day in a Million

New Rose (The Damned)

Playing With Fire

Kidding Yourself

Hell Exists

Blitzkrieg Bop

She’s My Girl

Real Mean Time

I Wanna Change the World

Smash It UP

The audio-tacks were done via the sound desk at Stars and Stripes, so you might have a better idea of the songs (but possibily not!!):
A Day in a Million – words/music by me
New Rose – words/music by The Damned
Playing With fire – words by Pod, music by me
Kidding Yourself – words/music by me
Hell Exists – words and music written by Dung
Blitzkrieg Bop – words/music by The Ramones
She’s My Girl – words/music by Chris
Real Mean Time – words/music by Chris
I Wanna Change the World – words and music by The Animals
Smash It Up – words/music by The Damned


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A Ethnomusicologist and musician of traditional music, Small pipe maker, teacher and workshop presenter ... https://ethnopiper.wordpress.com/

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