Cold Angels

I don´t know much about this band either! (O’dear, not much I do know, waiting to hear from you to educate me!) Duncan Todhunter (R.I.P.) was on drums (so talented a drummer). By 1989 I don’t think I was in Carlisle so it is not surprising. But interesting to hear it. Did they gig much? If anyone can fill in the background to this band please get in touch.
“Sumo Studios” was in a house at Wigton/Cumbria where the demo was recorded, another good example of D.I.Y. punk (Thanks for telling me Pod).

cold angles

Here is the cassette demo made in 1989, kindly given to my by Pod.

A comment by Leslie via FB: Leslie Mitchell-Graham
“Started with Duncan Johnny and myself then Ken came on board. In 89 Duncan Johnny myself went to Leeds Duncan stayed. We played Carlisle cricket club first I think and mainly the page. Think we practiced in the hall near the infirmary and welton village hall. Just in it for the fun really”.


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4 thoughts on “Cold Angels”

  1. Hello mate, really enjoying reading your blog and reminding myself of some great times. I played in a band with Johnny Spittle (Cold Angels) called Paris In Blue when I was about 15, doing Lloyd Cole and Cult covers. We never gigged though, and I went on to start Send It To Harriet, who I played drums with for about 5 years between 1987-1992’ish. SITH weren’t ‘punk’ but more new wave with a dose of indie. I also briefly played for 10 Gladioli with Ken McCormack (also Cold Angels) whenever they needed a stand in and did a few gigs with The Exiles whenever Phil fell out with Tef – thought / hoped I might get on board with them full time at one point, but I ended up moving to Manchester and started East West Coast. Here’s a Podcast with a few of the bands I’ve been in:
    Anyway – keep it up mate, some great memories of bands like Every Smile’s A Lie.


      1. Another band that were really good but never gigged (I think?) were The Marion Exile – four mates from Caldew. They had their first gig lined up at The Front Page, but it closed down that night! The guitarist was Dan Jackson, brother of Matt Jackson who drummed in Every Smile’s A Lie (they did a great tune called Ain’t Humanity Cute).
        Hung Like A Tadpole were around at the same time – maybe a bit more metal than punk though, featured Byron Raistrick up at the art college.


        1. Hi Gary, would you mind if I copied the SEND IT TO HARRIET: ‘Fever’ article and included it in the “carlisle bands” page? i would give the original link there too, so people would see the full web page. i think you mentioned a few bands in this text, that should be there, as well as recordings.

          I used to know Dung quite well (he of Every Smile’s A Lie), and i remember Matt, nice bloke (i put a few of Dungs recordings on the “Carlisle bands” page, if you want a listen. I had not heard of The Marion Exile, but interesting something came out of Caldew.
          Hung Like a Tadpole, is a band i remember (the name), i used to know Byron, he used to go out with my sister’s friend.

          Cheers Gary, let me know about the question i asked, i think your posts will be good in its proper place.


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