“The Drunken Wobblies” and Band Reviews

Recently someone called this blog a “platform for my own material”. Nothing is more far from the truth. As it says in the introduction…well, go and read the introduction! It says it all.
I can only start with what I know, and that’s as far as it goes. I leave it for others to write (or not to write), to contribute or not. It is up to you.

But, while during this social history, I have been coming across other bands/singers which remind me of the punk bands in Carlisle in the 80s. I guess you cannot call it punk in the “thrash sense of the word”, but I feel it certainly comes into that category.

Most of the recordings come from the Bandcamp.com site, they come under the tags of punk, anarchist, acoustic, blackgrass, lo-fi, anti-folk, etc. most of these tags were unknown to me 6 months ago. But apparently they are out there and already an adjective! Most of these recordings are offered free under the “free download” or the “name your price” tags.

I thought to write or mention these bands/singers for the hell of it. I do not mean to promote any, but I believe to network and to find similar minded people, people who have gotten off their arse and done something connected with music.

As I started and continue to write material for my solo project “Business Controlled” (see blog), I find like-minded people over in the USA and elsewhere; a lot of these recordings are acoustic, often solo performers, sometimes in bands other times not. There are a few electric bands too and some compilation CDs which a host of styles.

Check them out if you can, some you might be surprised at… others you might not be… but that is the name of the game. I do not profess to like all of these bands, I do not, but that is not what this blog is about. It was never about what I liked… it is about what is/was there.

The first recording I listened to is a track by “The Drunken Wobblies” – No Peace – All Proceeds Donated to ABC, PJD, and PJFF -…. a rhythm guitar with a vocal on top. It is in aid of: the Anarchist Black Cross, and Prison for Justice Day, and the London’s prisoners Justice Film Festival. The theme of the song – anti-prison system.


Author: ethnopiper

A Ethnomusicologist and musician of traditional music, Small pipe maker, teacher and workshop presenter ... https://ethnopiper.wordpress.com/

2 thoughts on ““The Drunken Wobblies” and Band Reviews”

  1. Hi Kev.
    I have been reading these pages with interest, as well as a smile on my face & a song in my heart! Great idea. I’m sure you will get many great contributions from all of us that dipped our youthful toes into the world of rock & roll in the 80s.
    After births was indeed my first “proper band” I think, but Duncan, Pug, (trevor) and I along with another lad called Boako had originally hooked up at the “centre for the unemployed” for jam sessions. I think this was before Afterbirths. We would bump into Pod now and again, members of “D.O.S. and I’m sure back then we probably felt a bit intimidated by them as we were just that bit younger (14/15) Brads was around too, but I’m not sure if he was playing anything at that time.
    I have memories of rehearsing at “Radical Records” on South Henry st off Botchergate on Sunday afternoons! Pan head having to be counted in ! Duncan’s bass drum being from a marching band!
    What a racket we made. “Corned beef sarnies song” had completely forgotten about that one. Happy days.
    I also have no recollection of “The Descent” gig, but remember loads about Palnackie.
    We ended up playing last, NMIADB played first followed by the heavy metal band who were supposed to top the bill, but as the locals were getting restless they went on second leaving us to cause mayhem ! I remember Dung (whom I barely knew) but always thought was an ok bloke, if a little intense, singing the words (not sure if this is word for word) “I was never much of a man but you could see in me what no-one else could see” whilst looking directly at his girlfriend (some red head lass who’s name escapes me) I think she had just dumped him! Why this has stuck in my memory is a mystery. I remained relatively sober, as I was keen to protect my £200.00 investment in my recently bought Yamaha guitar. (Life savings at the time, & I still have it. ) it stands toe to toe with any Fender or Gibson I have ever played.
    It would be interesting to hear other people’s recollection of this gig. Things have been exaggerated over the years, & I believe we may have been chased out of town by a biker gang??? Do you remember this? Journey home was a long one! I’d be 16 at the time. I’m amazed you have posters and photos from this time. John Fergusson has much MME memorabilia, all my stuff has been lost, bar a photo of MMEs younger better looking brother “White House Blue”
    This era 83 to 90 was a defining period for me and I foolishly gave up playing in around 90/91 (as you know I have rekindled my interest in he last few years. I think it gets in your blood & you shouldn’t give up what you love)
    Good luck with this venture. Ill post up some more memories when I get the chance.
    P S

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    1. Many thanks Pete, I really liked your posting. Take a look at the “Afterbirths” page now, i have included your text and I have added 4 songs from a Afterbirths rehearsal…
      You are right about the song written by Dung, it was dedicated to his girlfriend at the time Susan, and your memory for the lyrics is exact! The song was called Hell Exists and it was covered many times by the Nightmares and Havana Affair.
      If you have any photos of White House Blue or memories perhaps you or you/John could write something about it and i can include it as a p.s. in the MME page.
      I do not remember being chased out from the Palnackie gig because of a biker gang, but there was a lot of that going on… it was tribal back then. but i dont remember it after the gig, I was so drunk and loud on the bus. I enjoyed the bus ride home.
      I have started to write again, and I will be posting some recordings. Dont give up playing… whats the point?


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