Contributions Please!

The blog is just about ready to publish amongst various web sites/social media. It is by no means finished, perhaps only half way through. I still have a lot of links, photos and mp3 to add, but at the moment I think it will be ok to publicize and get some other people involved with it. That is my intention for this blog. The material I have done so far is only my side of the story, the information is from what I have been involved with myself…my bands, but the blog is about all bands from Carlisle and even from Cumbria and Southern Scotland. But this is too much for me to research, and this is where other people can contribute by writing a paragraph or two and I can include it in a “page” for that band or group.

There were numerous bands around Carlisle during 1977 and 1989, and beyond that to the present day, but I have no knowledge of the details as I was either involved with my own band, not a great socializer to mix with these people or I was away abroad. So lets hope people will contribute.


Carlisle & Bandcamp

I was browsing through the bands in Bancamp and I typed in “tag Carlisle” lots of bands came on-screen. After browsing through this list (3 pages deep) I filters out two main categories: Carlisle bands from Pennsylvania/USA and Carlisle bands from Cumbria/UK – my home town.

Since Carlisle/UK is relatively small compared to the USA city  I was pleased and surprised to find roughly an equal amount of bands from both cities.

Carlisle being small of the two cities I did not realize there was so much music being put out from my home town! Well done them, not all are punk bands of course, some have acoustic instruments, some are heavy metal, some middle of the road, some are electronic drum and bass… but so what?

here is the list if you want to check some of them out, pasted here in no particular order:

Duncan Todhunter

Today Duncan Todhunter passed away after a car accident. I am not sure what happened really but I think it was due to his burns. He was a drummer in a of the bands I was in “The Afterbirths”, “Nightmares in a Damaged Brain” and “Havana Affair”. A very fine drummer, a natural, with no formal lessons and he taught himself by listening to The Damned, which he loved. At first he did not have a drum kit, and he came to my house to practice with the band using only plastic buckets, but he learned and improved and he went on to play a variety of drum kits. A real natural talented guy. A great laugh, a good person to be around. Sadly missed.


The Day the Country Died

Last night I saw the documentary THE DAY THE COUNTRY DIED on youtube. i never knew these bands as they were popular in the 90s and I was away in Eastern Europe during those years, listening to acoustic music.
What impressed me is the underground punk bands beginning again after the other USA punk bands had faded away. That wave of Punk music was different, I can’t place in what way, more softer perhaps? MA reduction between musical boundaries of the rock genre. Soft Rock, Grunge, Hardcore punk etc. It became very popular and it also spilt into the teenage/high school films at the time “Bring it on” for example.

what they became afterwards is open to debate, but in the film they mentioned (a lot) now many CDs they had sold so profit was very much apart of the scene. Some stayed true to the original ideals but others were earning quite a bit of money. “Nothing wrong with that” I hear you cry, but why call it punk? why not make a film about record sales with bands…why use the adjective ‘punk’? the two normally do not go together.
they is making enough, and there is making more than enough and talking about it as a means to success. I was more interested in the skateboard and surfing side, how the sport and the music collided and blended, also how the dropouts latched on to punk and made it their own, much mor e interesting.