Audiomulch “Arpeggiator”

I worked on Audiomulch more this evening, trying different effects and ideas. It is a learning curve.

I know I am making things too busy but it is difficult to minimalize things when you are working blind.

The piece I did today with Audiomulch was with 2 recordings using the “Arpeggiator” a sort of an “arpeggio oscillator”. By turning different dials and adding/subtracting different keys on the onscreen keyboard, also by rhythmically adding and subtracting beats, I can improvise in real-time while recording a few minutes of improvisation. These 2 tracks I panned to different speakers in Audition.

I added also the track from the previous night to Audition and had this track panned out of both speakers. Then came the editing, and this I suppose became the composition. But using faders and cutting only, I had the 2 new tracks coming “in and out” of the piece, while the rhythm audio kept a steady pace throughout.

This makes the whole very busy.


Author: ethnopiper

A Ethnomusicologist and musician of traditional music, Small pipe maker, teacher and workshop presenter ...

2 thoughts on “Audiomulch “Arpeggiator””

  1. Would love to read you book or even pages in progress. Around 1993 I did a creative writing course and knocked a few stories together. 2 were based on punk, 1 was a semi fictional account of a planned seduction of a Carlisle girl at a punk gig in the old lanes, now demolished! The other was pure fiction based on 2 Cumbrian Punks on a crime wave stealing from tourists as a political act. (Yeah dumb!). If I ever find them I’ll send them on. Hope I still have them but had to move in a hurry recently & didn’t move everything myself so unsure!


    1. Cheers Ed,
      you should relook at your stories and give them another go. i began my book last Xmas/New Year 2016, and it is progressing ok, it is an extension of this blog, but putting gossip as well as personal experiences and making it a “story” than factual. cheers for your comments, i did not go to NE Calling but by all accounts it was a good weekend. all the best.


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