Fiction and non-fiction writing

I have been working really hard on getting the new blog started (this blog). I left the old one due to google messing me about and not letting me access it. So I moved blogs to WordPress. It takes some getting used too. I transferred it over easily enough but checking it and adding tags, categories is taking time to get it right and to work out how to do it.

Carlisle’s Punk Bands, is slowly getting bigger and bigger. I am working through my diaries and adding dates and info. this is edited and I will be adding bits and pieces as I go along. it is a continuous process and I guess one where it can take forever to finish.

I tried editing the recordings. The recordings were done with a simple tape recorder recording the bands from the 80s, it is rough! lo-fi as they say, so I have been trying to remaster them and make them a bit listenable.

To do this I have been trying to get my head around a new multitrack and mixing programme called Adobe Audition CS6. it is also taking a bit of time to get used to it so I have few results to show anyone so far. But I am sure it will come together in the end.

The final thing I have been busy with is writing a book. It is the fictional side to this blog. I am using the structure of the blog to write a fictitious account of my times in bands and life in Carlisle in the early 1980s. the original idea was to publish this blog in a book format, even to self-publish the work, but I found it too complicated to do. so I decided to create this factual blog about the punk bands in Carlisle and the bands I played with and the people who were in those bands. So if/when I complete the fictional story based on this blog, I will try to publish it as a non-fictional book.

I have started it last night. I am beginning Chapter 1 and I have written 3 scenes so far, 3000 words plus.


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2 thoughts on “Fiction and non-fiction writing”

  1. I was in the band “Social Scum” in 81/82 (Ozzy-drums) along with (Kenyon-base) & the late (Anthony Styles-aka-Gene) also Wigy for a bit. Practiced in the cellar of the Wheel. Managed to play a few gigs…Star & Stripes, The Wheel, Denton Holme & Annan (always seemed to end up in a scrap or the toilets being smashed up, so always ended up paying for some repair!!). Ended up getting our Amps & Mics stolen from the Wheel practice room, soon after that Gene left & the band eventually folded!!


    1. Cheers Peter, I made a new page in the menue for your post and other bands that were playing in Carlisle (Carlisle Bands), I uploaded your text there. I remember Social Scum, I think we shared the same rehearsal room below the Wheel, i had left Societies Victims by the time the equipment went missing, I did not know it happened to your band as well… i wonder where it went? Do you have any mp3 of any live gigs or demos you made? it would be nice to upload them here. What happened to the other members? Cheers for posting.


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