Audiomulch, drum loops & Audition CS6

Today I tried to get to grips with Audiomulch, the music creator software.

You can manipulate sounds: drum samples, instrument samples with different effects and create files to use in other applications. It is a good programme, quite easy to use and I got results quickly by following some simple YouTube tutorials.

I was messing around with loops and drums beats (snare, bass tom, high hat etc.), combining them and making a 4/4 beat with a 140 tempo, by using the default samples that come with the software. You can add different effects to the mix and create drum loops quite easily in real-time and then manipulate the beats to form other beats, the combination is limitless.

After creating and saving my drum loop of 1 bar, I inserted that loop into Adobe Audition CS6, where I copied it and added it to the track to create a loop of 2 bars, then I copied the 2 bar loop to create 4 bars, then I copied the 4 bar loop to create 8 bars. This I saved to use as a drum pattern for my demos. When I use this look I can simple cut and paste the 8 bar loop to suit the length of my song.

I read that CS6 is not too good with samples, but it is good with audio files (voice and instruments) so with Audiomulch I can create the electronic side of my music and connect that with the acoustic side in Audition and mix them both down.


Author: ethnopiper

A Ethnomusicologist and musician of traditional music, Small pipe maker, teacher and workshop presenter ...

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